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July 2012

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Just Some (edited) lyrics from Rizzle Kicks...

Miss Cigarette - Rizzle Kicks...

"...So Many people say, "why are you with her?"
And I'm like, "she's a damn good kisser"
She feeds my addiction,
She leaks something different,
The smoke from our last meeting has risen.
Keep her away from all the other boys,
'Cause you know she's every cutter's choice.
Always there when the cold nights are lurking,
Gotta keep hold of my Golden Virgin.

I think she's Good for me,
That's why I wouldn't leave,
She helps me get down when I shouldn't be,
She's there when I'm in need,
But she isn't cheap,
The last time I saw her,
Broski I couldn't breathe.
But they say she's bad for me,
But they say she's bad for me,
I don't think she's bad for me,
But it's a bit of a disillusion....

...I said I had to leave, I had to get away,
'Cause frankly when I'm not around her
I've seen better days.
Sometimes I demonstrate how to set it straight,
I filter out the bullshit and keep her
locked in case.
But when I'm chilling mmm she's always
on my mind,
I do have doubts but those doubts just
get lost inside.
I should respond in time but then I found out
the last boy she kissed just coughed and died...

M-I-S-S-C-I-G-A-R-E-T-T-E leave me be...

Can you please leave my vicinity,
Can you please leave my vicinity,
Actually wait nah I'll have another kiss,
Oh shit I'm in love with this chick
What is this it's
Straight Robbery.
She's always there when I'm by myself and
I can't remain solitary.
Babe honestly
It appears that you're bad for my health and a
quick way to poverty.
You went from my pal to my lover,
Now I see you outside with thousands of others,
But you're on my mind right now..."

*Not my lyrics, just lyrics that make me think... I am often in the habit of writing lyrics down that catch my attention =) Anyway, it's an epic song... listen to the full version*