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July 2012

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I Am An Oppertunity.

Hello, hello, hello...
I have no idea what I'm going to write. As with many things, I never seem to plan, I just seem to do. I am like an accident waiting to happen. Only a happy accident... An oppertunity more than an accident really. I do not like to see things in a negative light. I like to be optimistic. Glass half full and all that.

So yes. I am an oppertunity, waiting to present itself. When I put pen to paper, anything could come out of it. It is usually emotion based. It is always written in my own unique style, whether people like it or not. I usually find it beautiful, satisfying. It is always random. My thoughts are very disjointed. I couldn't write a proper story because I don't have the patience to plan. I don't have one idea to develop. I have emotions, I have impulses. I write about them, I act on them.

My disjointed thoughts are clearly shown in the way I write. Short, snappy sentences. Lots of punctuation to break it up. I love writing in bullet points, to get everything in my head down quickly before it slips away into the abyss of my mind.

Maybe, if I really focused, I could turn an emotion into an idea, and that idea into a string of ideas, and maybe I could join them together. Maybe I could create a story. But I have no inclination to do that right now. I am happy, I am content with my random ramblings. I am pleased with how they turn out. I am elated I can express myself in my way, I can force all these emotions through my hand into a pen and present them on a piece of paper. I can read over it, from a distance, pretend that it is not me at all. Pretend that it is someone else. I can evaluate it objectively. The emotions, the writing style. I can improve the writing, I can confront the emotions.

So, I guess that's all I have to say for now. Maybe I'll hunt around and find some of my writing and type it out on here. Maybe not...

Decisions, decisions,... I will make them when the oppertunity presents itself.